Lectures & Events


” We can’t change our hardware, that’s our DNA.
But we can definitely upgrade our software! “

Forceful, challenging, and entertaining are words used to describe a speech by Garry Kasparov. His subject matter ranges from decision-making to strategic planning and from innovation to intuition. From New York City to Silicon Valley, from Porto Alegre to Dubai, Kasparov customizes each lecture for time, place, and audience with a remarkable blend of anecdotes, analysis, and personal experience. Speaking in fluent English, he is in demand by some of the world’s most admired companies.

His engagements are worldwide and year-round and the average duration of a keynote lecture is 45 minutes. Kasparov also enjoys a Q&A session that is guaranteed to be lively and surprising. He recently expanded his appearance repertoire to include interactive seminars for small groups, focusing on evaluating and improving each participant’s decision-making process. Feedback has been overwhelmingly enthusiastic.

Titles are selected to fit the theme of the conference or meeting. A few recent lecture titles:

  • “Strategy & Tactics”
  • “Achieving Your Potential”
  • “Leaders vs. Managers”
  • “Success is in the Mind”
  • “The Acceleration of Information”
  • “Strategy for Decoding the Complexity of Life”
  • “The Courage to Make Up Your Mind”

Facing a World Champion

Imagine facing the Kasparov stare across the chessboard! A rare Kasparov chess exhibition is an unforgettable experience for your guests. Kasparov will face a dozen or more players simultaneously, fulfilling any chess player’s dream (or nightmare) of a game against the greatest chessplayer of all time. Participants can purchase spots or they can be awarded or auctioned by the organizers.