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Atlas Network founder Sir Antony Fisher

young_antony__largeThe Battle of Ideas! This page has many fascinating articles on Sir Antony Fisher on what would have been his 100th birthday today. Most politicians (and people) are so focused on the day-to-day and the machinery of power that they don’t see the long view, the battle of ideas that change the world. This man was different and his effort is still changing the world through the Atlas Foundation.

Sir Anthony Fisher

Estoril Conferences 2015 |Garry Kasparov: A Brave New World

“I think it’s time for the new world to analyze the mistakes of the last 25 years”, said Garry Kasparov at Estoril. (…) “Dictators don’t have plans to build anything, only to make enemies.” (…) “The European Union must start acting like a civil institution. There’s still time to stop what’s happening in Ukraine.” – Garry Kasparov

The aims of the Estoril Conferences are to create an annual international event to discuss the challenges of globalization, with specific attention being granted to the relationship between the local and the global fields.

This initiative aims to set Cascais, and Portugal, as meeting places for some of the most renowned personalities, international organisations, universities, research and development centres, thinks tanks and non-governmental organisations.

Portugal, having always been affected by the confluence of two major maritime spaces (the Mediterranean and the Atlantic), has had, and may thus continue to have, a frontline tradition of bringing together peoples and regions in debates on ideas about modernity, ecumenism and universalism.… Read More

Garry Kasparov: ‘Putin doesn’t need friends any more. He needs enemies’

By 6/27/15 

Adolf Hitler, I suggest to Garry Kasparov, undeniably had his faults. But is it wrong to imagine that even the Führer – in common with Stalin, Robespierre and Pol Pot – initially entered political life with some notion of enhancing the public good?

“Define ‘good’,” replies Kasparov. “Then examine the consequences. Stalin killed more people than Hitler. Though in that league, Pol Pot may be the champion.”

“How about Putin?” I ask. “Was there ever any sense of a mission; any hint of philanthropy?”

“No. Putin is an opportunist, not a strategist. He’s like a poker player who got dealt a lucky hand. He was a KGB man from the start and proud of it. The KGB,” he adds, “is not a philanthropic organisation. If a kid’s dream is to join the KGB, that is something of a concern.”

We meet in a private room at a hotel in Wroclaw, Poland. If you didn’t recognise this muscular, grey-haired figure as the greatest chess player of his era, you might struggle to guess his former occupation. With his combative manner and flattened nose, you might take him to be a retired prize-fighter.

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Garry’s Timeline

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