Talking Innovation in Oxford

January 13, 2013 More

On November 9, Garry took part in a fascinating debate in the hallowed halls of the Oxford Union. The theme: “The Innovation Enigma – Is the current growth crisis a result of decades of technological stagnation in a risk-averse society?” Garry was allied with his friend Peter Thiel, the renown Silicon Valley investor and entrepreneur best known for starting PayPal and being the first big investor in Facebook. They were on the “yes” side of the proposition against two worthy opponents: open source software guru Mark Shuttleworth and former IMF chief economist (and chess Grandmaster!) Kenneth Rogoff.

The debate invitation came from the director of the Oxford Martin School, Ian Goldin. The Oxford Martin School is dedicated to matters of science, technology, and innovation. You can ready more about the school, the debate, and watch the full video of it at their site here.


Peter Thiel, Garry Kasparov, Ian Goldin, Kenneth Rogoff, Mark Shuttleworth