A More Perfect Human | NPR | March 9, 2023


This article is a reprint. You can read the original and listen to the recording of the podcast episode at NPR.

“The dream of AI — artificial intelligence — has been around for centuries: the idea of an intelligent machine without free will popped up in ancient Taoist scrolls, Buddhist fables, and the tales of medieval European courts. But it wasn’t until the 20th century that science caught up to our imaginations.

Today, AI is everywhere. Breakthrough technologies like ChatGPT make news, while less glamorous but more ubiquitous programs are woven into every part of our lives, from dating apps to medical care. In many ways, AI is the invisible architecture of modern life. It’s a reality that’s both mundane and terrifying. And it’s accelerating at a rapid rate, even as we still grapple with some of the most fundamental questions it raises about what, if anything, is uniquely human. In this episode, we explore the tension between our love of AI and our fear of it — and try to decode the humans behind the machines.”

You can read a transcript of the podcast conversation at NPR.


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