A Thread on President Zelenskyy’s Visit to Washington | December 22, 2022


“Because it’s so outrageous, I’m going to start at the bottom of the barrel with Tucker for this thread on Zelensky’s visit to DC, the Biden admin’s success and failure, and the future of American support for Ukraine and global security. 1/10

Carlson has moved from advocating for Putin to endorsing Russia’s genocide in Ukraine. I don’t know why Murdoch is allowing this on his network, or why advertisers support it, but I will not appear on Fox News again while Carlson is there. A bloody line has been crossed. 2/10

Carlson’s attacks on Ukraine and Zelensky personally are designed to dehumanize and to justify Russian atrocities, which are already ongoing, documented, and publicly known. It’s like still backing the Nazis after Auschwitz was uncovered. 3/10

Slandering Ukraine & Zelensky as anti-Christian, undemocratic, etc. sends the message it’s fine for Putin to slaughter as many as he likes. The truth is that Ukrainians are fighting and dying for the American values Carlson sold out for Trump and Putin. Go to hell. 4/10

Zelensky’s visit to DC was overwhelmingly cheered, so wasting time on a few GOP America First buffoons isn’t needed. Just don’t call them conservatives. They are undermining global & US security for.. what, exactly? Why is weakening Ukraine so important to them? I wonder. 5/10

Don’t squawk about budgets and resources. Helping Ukraine devastate the invading Russian military for 5% of the US defense budget is a bargain, mostly using warehoused arms. Even Kissinger admits eliminating the Russian threat long hanging over Europe is a boon. 6/10

Helping Ukraine isn’t charity. It’s paying a debt after decades of enriching and empowering Russian aggression. It’s a wise & essential security move, because if Putin attacks Lithuania American soldiers would go and die. Ukrainians are dying to prevent that risk. 7/10

Now to Zelensky, Biden, and the Congress, together in DC, an amazing moment. Credit to the US for doing what it has done, and for this show of support. But, as the grateful Zelensky said, it’s not enough. Thousands are dying and the US is not meeting the moment. 8/10

Jokes and camaraderie are fine, but the Biden admin is still talking about concessions to the mass-murdering war criminal in the Kremlin. The opportunity was there to say that total victory is the shared goal of the US and Ukraine, with the total support it requires. 9/10

White House policy has not evolved to respond to Russia’s genocidal acts. There is no escalation in self-defense, & this self-deterrence must end. Give Ukraine everything to save lives, time & money. Peace can only come from victory. Seize this moment. Glory to Ukraine. 10/10”


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