Anatomy of the Russian Invasion | Tocqueville Conversations 2022 | July 8, 2022


From the website of the Tocqueville Foundation.

“The all-out war launched by Vladimir Putin’s regime against his Ukrainian neighbor, threatens and disrupts the whole democratic world and the world geopolitical balance. We find ourselves at the gates of a war which, from one moment to the next, can jump over the barrier of the fragile Ukrainian borders, and reach the West. We are, as in 1914, on the brink of confrontation. Ukraine is fighting for us against a regime that has dropped its masks and no longer hides the fact that its enemy is both Ukrainian and Western.

What are the motives and goals of the violent national-imperialism that Putin embodies? What will be the political and geopolitical consequences of the extraordinary Ukrainian resistance that is unfolding before our eyes? What answers should the Western democracies give to this gigantic challenge?

Could this crisis, as dramatic as it is, be the occasion for a salutary leap forward for our Western societies, which had perhaps forgotten the tragedy of history and the price of freedom?

The event will be broadcasted live on our Youtube Channel right here, in French and in English.”


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