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Kasparov on anti-Trump protestors | Twitter @Kasparov63

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Garry Kasparov at 20th Forum 2000 Conference | Video | October 17th, 2016

On October 17th, 2016 Garry took part in the 20th Forum 2000 Conference to discuss human rights activism and the importance of taking responsibility in the struggle against authoritarianism. Please see the video of his address below.

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The Courage to Take Responsibility

20th Forum 2000 Conference
October 16–19, 2016, Prague and other Central European cities

The life and work of Václav Havel, an intellectual, an author, a political prisoner, a human rights defender and a president of a country, is an amazing example of democratic leadership and of taking personal responsibility for the state of public affairs and the world as a whole. Nevertheless, today´s democratic leadership seems to be in crisis, contending with a lack of vision, responsibility, and perhaps even courage to lead. Are the current democratic systems unable to generate true leaders? Is the growing authoritarianism in the world a result of the weakness of democratic leadership? Where are the Havels, Churchills, or Mandelas of today?

Kasparov speaks at the V3 Connect Users Conference | Nov 3rd, 2016
On Nov 3rd Garry delivered a key-note address to the V3 Connect Users Conference in Orlando, Florida.


 The theme of the conference was “Meting at the corner of strategy and opportunity”. In his key-note speech  Garry talked about Strategy and Decisions by Human and Machine, Innovation and Risk.


V3 Connect is Vitech’s annual conference for V3 users. It is a unique opportunity to preview V3’s latest capabilities, explore industry trends, network with thought leaders and industry experts, and discover new ways to maximize the value of your V3 investment. The conference proceedings include keynote presentations, round table sessions, hands-on learning and an array of social and networking events. Don’t miss this important and valuable event!


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