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Kasparov on FOX Business Network with Maria Bartiromo, Sept 2nd

Former world chess champion and Vladimir Putin critic, Garry Kasparov says when it comes to oil, Russia’s leader will “create panic” to prop-up prices.

In an interview with the FOX Business Network’s Maria Bartiromo, Kasparov said “there’s so much oil available and Putin knows that the only way to keep the prices up is to create panic

Kasparov expressed his fears over Putin building relationships in the Middle East.

“We just got reports that [the] Russian military is underway to Syria. They are building a presence there. I’m sure there is an alliance with Russia and Iran, trying to take over the control of the region and I’m afraid that with America leading from behind Putin has a very good chance of turning [the] Middle East ablaze,” he said.

Kasparov compared Putin’s Russia to the Soviet Union Cold War era.

“Putin, unlike [the] Soviet Union doesn’t have so many friends around. So there’s no Communist system that has been opposing the free world. He’s much weaker, by the way, than [the] Soviet Union… but he is desperate — he has nukes at his disposal and what is most important–he doesn’t have the same strong opposition in the West,” he said.

Despite efforts to improve their relationship with China, Kasparov isn’t confident they will reach a deal to build a pipeline.

“I just saw a statistic this morning that Russia dropped… from the top 50 Chinese trading partners. It’s too complicated, too expensive. Yes, it offers Putin a little bit of… bargaining position against the West but at the end of the day it’s China that is leading in this relationship,” he said.

Kasparov discussed where Russia stands on the global stage.

“Putin has no other option but to… continue his aggressive policies because he needs to find an argument for [the] Russian public — why things are getting worse on a regular basis and the only explanation, ‘we’re besieged by enemies Russia is the besieged fortress,’” he said.

Kasparov said Putin’s proposal to eliminate the U.S. dollar is an act of desperation.

“He will be trying some desperate measures. But again let’s not underestimate him because to oppose freaks like Putin… you need political will here,” he said.

Garry Kasparov’s commentary at Sinquefield Cup, 2015

via ChessBase

by Albert Silver 

garryatsinq01a9/1/2015 – It was a relaxed and good-humored Garry Kasparov who appeared in the live commentary beside hosts Yasser Seirawan and Jennifer Shahade, and to the delight of spectators, he seemed in no hurry to leave. He spoke openly about a variety of topics including opening advice to Nakamura (to not repeat his mistake against Kramnik), effusive credit to Vishy Anand, and chess in the USA.

Opening advice

Jennifer Shahade: If you were working with Nakamura before this game (round eight with black against Magnus Carlsen), in light of the tournament score, what openings would you recommend for Nakamura…against Magnus specifically?

Garry Kasparov: (Instantly) The King’s Indian.

JS: We were speculating that he might try that again.

GK: You have to play your openings. It’s nothing against the Queen’s Gambit Declined. It’s very solid. I think that for Hikaru to play the Queen’s Gambit, it requires a lot of patience. Also, it’s the preparation: you have to know all the details, and Magnus has played it with both colors. Of course Magnus can play the King’s Indian, but there’s always a chance to complicate things, to create some counterchances. And even if you go down, you will be kicking and screaming. While here, you know, you will be just screaming. (laughs).

Yasser Seirawan: Without the kicking (laughing).… Read More

“Making the Right Moves”


via NORDIC Business Report

Garry Kasparov didn’t become a world chess champion by chance. Besides natural talent, relentless work for developing decision-making abilities and strategical thinking was always a critical part of his success.

Hidden in a chessboard’s 64 squares, there is a mind-boggling amount of logically possible chess positions. Garry Kasparov, the now 52-year old Russian, is widely considered to know more about those positions than any other human on the planet. Having won the chess world title as the youngest person ever, defending the title successfully several times in a row, and being ranked the world’s number one player for 20 years until his retirement in 2005, Kasparov’s merits speak for themselves.

Kasparov sits on a chair in a beautiful setting on the upper west side of Manhattan. He’s here to talk about strategy, a topic that every professional chess player knows a thing or two about. Kasparov is by any standards a master chess strategist and sure has made some bold moves in his personal life as well. Still, even for someone who has time and time again out-thought anybody sitting across a chessboard from him, the topic is by no means simple. That is why he want’s to highlight something important.

”I have to emphasize that my advice comes from my own experience, from the Garry Kasparov perspective. It is as unique as yours or anybody else’s. You should always be very cautious when trying to copy-paste. The formula that worked for someone else, might not work for you. Every decision is unique. Every person has their formula for decision making, it is like a fingerprint. You can’t rely 100% on the successes of others,” he explains.

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