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Giants of Life Conference, 2015

What were the turning points in your life so far? What was the last serious mistake you made? If you aren’t sure, this is a good chance to look back and think about your thinking. I’m excited to be part of this remarkable “Giants of Life” event in Warsaw, Oct 24-25. Personal stories from people from different spheres about their development, success, and that critical component of success, failure. It’s a great topic and thinking about this is a very good way for anyone to lead a more examined life and to improve their present and future as a decision-maker. This is the event’s FB page, the official website is http://www.giantsoflife.pl.

A Visual Introduction to Machine Learning

RT @amcafee: FANTASTIC and accessible visual intro to machine learning. http://t.co/CV6sfgIcbf#2MA http://t.co/ml0J4Yah2W

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Springtime for America’s Enemies | OP-ED | DAILY BEAST

My latest op-ed in the Daily Beast on the perils of Obama’s policy of “diplomacy at any cost”. It’s longer than my usual article, but these are important arguments in the face of the “peacemonger” promotion of making concession after concession to some of the world’s most brutal regimes. Some highlights follow, but please read the whole thing before calling me, or anyone, a “warmonger” again!

There has never been a better time in history to be an enemy of the United States. The brutal dictatorships in Cuba, Russia, and Iran have been rewarded with deals and concessions, making the world less safe while their people continue to be among the most repressed in the world. Diplomacy only works if both parties agree, and Iran and Russia have lied, cheated, and broken every deal so far.

It is dangerously easy to paint any opposition to diplomacy with dictators as “warmongering”. But history shows that there have been far more casualties resulting from an unwillingness to stand up to aggressive dictatorships. Negotiating with terror sponsors like Iran and Putin’s Russia just gives them more confidence and more time and resources to spread their malign influence.… Read More

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