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Forum 2000 | 10.13.2020

It was a pleasure to moderate a terrific discussion this week with @EileenDonahoe @Kasparov63 & @VeraJourova at @Forum_2000 conference on topic of whether authoritarian or democratic practices and norms will shape emerging technology, video here: https://t.co/pPXUsNWbQo

— Christopher Walker (@Walker_CT) October 16, 2020

Conference Information: http://bit.ly/Forum2000Conference

An Exclusive Conversation with Lt. Col. (Ret) Alexander Vindman. 10/15/2020
On October 15th at 12 p.m. EST RDI hosted a virtual event with Lt. Col. (Ret) Alexander Vindman and RDI Chairman & human rights activist, Garry Kasparov. Anne Applebaum, the author of Twilight of Democracy, was the moderator. The conversation focused on how to recognize and counter the threats facing American democracy as well as the importance of duty & integrity in preserving it. Mr. Kasparov and Lt. Col. Vindman are uniquely positioned to have this conversation as they have both taken extraordinary personal and professional risks in order to do what they believed to be right.

Thank you to everyone who attended our exclusive event with Alexander Vindman, Anne Applebaum, and Garry Kasparov!
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National Press Club | October 9, 2020

On Friday, October 9, Garry Kasparov, the former World Chess Champion turned writer and political activist, spoke to the National Press Club on the state of human rights and press freedom in his native Russia, as well as the related crackdown ongoing in Belarus.

Garry’s Timeline

Follow Garry's extraordinary path through years of relentless activism.

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