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23 JUNE 2015 / Press Conference with Garry Kasparov

On Tuesday June 23rd, at 11:00 AM (GMT +3 ), the SNF organized a press conference with Garry Kasparov, founder of the Kasparov Chess Foundation.

During the Press Conference, the “Chess in the Schools” program was presented. The program was implemented in 190 schools throughout Greece, with a grant by the Stavros Niarchos Foundation, in collaboration with the Kasparov Chess Foundation Europe and the Association of Chess Players of Thessaloniki.

NASA is reinvigorating supersonic commercial air travel.


With help from , is reinvigorating supersonic commercial air travel.

“Last week, the agency said it was putting $2.3 million into eight projects to overcome barriers to commercial supersonic flight. The announcement comes more than a decade after the Concorde completed the world’s last flight that carried paying customers two times faster than the speed of sound.

The goal of the new work is to make supersonic flight greener by reducing high-altitude emissions and to cut down on the noise from sonic booms, the extremely loud report from a shockwave created by an aircraft flying faster than 660 mph, the speed of sound at aircraft cruising altitude.”

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What Chess Can Teach Us About FIFA

by Garry Kasparov

via TIME

The corrupt games must not go on

Sepp Blatter was the president of the international football federation, FIFA, for 17 years before he announced his resignation last week. His resignation came in the wake of two notable events: a set of U.S. indictments against top FIFA officials for bribery and racketeering and Blatter’s re-election by a wide margin. This sequence is a perfect illustration of the sense of impunity Blatter and FIFA enjoyed for so long. That Blatter resigned after such a show of bravado likely indicates the scope of the charges yet to be announced.

The global attention this scandal has received reflects football’s status as the world’s pastime. “The beautiful game” has a unique position due to its overwhelming popularity, and the financial and political clout that come with that popularity. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) may be more prestigious, but the Olympic Games pale in comparison to the day-to-day passion people all over the world feel for football. FIFA has exploited that spiritual element to build a temple of corruption, one that was practically immune to the law until now.

Perhaps it took a nation with more respect for the rule of law than for the game to achieve this long-overdue breakthrough. Football is such an outlier historically in the U.S. that it even goes by another name here. But it doesn’t matter if the growing list of indictments against FIFA officials call the sport soccer or football. The corrupt games must not go on.

International sports federations often exist in a strange, extraterritorial legal netherworld. Their power structures are opaque, and those who arrive to power are often quick to rig the system to perpetuate their control. The myriad sources of cash—public and private, individual and corporate—combine with the lack of institutional transparency and personal accountability to create an ideal breeding ground for corruption.

I spent most of my 30-year professional chess career battling with FIDE, the international chess federation, and its army of entrenched and shady bureaucrats, who took over seamlessly from their Soviet predecessors. In 1993, as world champion, I helped launch a new professional association in an attempt to free chess and its leading players from FIDE. Although the new organization enjoyed some modest successes, the schism it created in the chess world damaged the sport’s reputation.



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