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Hiding in Plain Sight: Putin’s War in Ukraine

I was happy to endorse this incredibly detailed new report on Putin’s war in Ukraine. We have all known the truth for a long time and here is plenty of proof. There is no civil war in Ukraine. There is no separatist movement. Putin invaded Ukraine, Putin annexed Crimea by force, and Putin is using increasing numbers of Russian troops and Russian weapons to continue his attack on a sovereign European nation. Putin won’t stop until he is stopped and every day the price to stop him goes up.

Russia is at war with Ukraine. Russian citizens and soldiers are fighting and dying in a war of their government’s own making. Russian President Vladimir Putin continues to deny Russian involvement in the fighting, but the evidence is overwhelming and indisputable. Drawing upon open source information, Hiding in Plain Sight: Putin’s War in Ukraine provides irrefutable evidence of direct Russian military involvement in eastern Ukraine.

– Garry Kasparov


This report, the result of an Atlantic Council Working Group launched to examine direct Russian military involvement in Ukraine, has five key findings:

1. Satellite images confirm the movement of Russian troops and camp buildups along the Ukrainian border.

2. Russian training camps stationed along the Ukrainian border are the launching points of Russia’s war in Ukraine. These camps are the staging ground for Russian
military equipment transported into Ukraine, soon to join the separatist arsenal, and for Russian soldiers mobilized across Russia to cross into Ukraine.

3. Commanders order Russian soldiers to conceal the identifying features of military vehicles, remove insignia from uniforms, and travel across the border to join
separatist forces in eastern Ukraine.

4. A variety of Russian manufactured arms and munitions—not used by the Ukrainian military—have appeared in the hands of separatists, including shoulder launched
surface-to-air missiles (MANPADS), various types of rocket launchers, anti-tank guided missiles, landmines, and various small arms.

5. During key offensives, Russian forces in Ukraine have received cover from Russian territory. A combination of satellite data, crater analysis, and open source
materials confirms that many attacks originated in Russia.

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