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A month in the life of Garry Kasparov | Newsletter

via ChessBase.com

6/24/2016 – What does a legendary World Chess Champion do when he retires? Appear as a VIP guest at chess events, or as a celebrities at social events. Not the 13th World Champion who jets across the globe holding political, business and chess speaking events, with participation in a world class blitz tournament as a quick interlude. Garry Kasparov sent us a description of hs recent activities. You should especially watch the video lecture at the end of the report.

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

I just finished one of the busiest periods I can remember, with a mix of business, political, and chess speaking engagements and events in a dozen cities over five weeks. Starting with lectures on education and artificial intelligence in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, I traveled to Oslo, St. Louis, Washington DC, Madrid,  Paris, Mönchengladbach (Germany), and New Orleans. After a few more events in Belgium I’ll be ready for a much-needed break.


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