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Chess World Champion Garry Kasparov in Thessaloniki for 4-way Chess Handicap Game Against Greek Female Champions

Garry Kasparov, the former chess world champion, gave a unique handicap chess game against four chess players on Tuesday evening at Thessaloniki City Hall.

A large number of people gathered at the City Hall and patiently waited for Kasparov whose flight arrived with delay and the organizers considered it wise for the grand maitre to take a rest due to the very high temperatures in Thessaloniki.

Kasparov appeared 2.5 hours later and played against the juniors world champion Stavroula Tsolakidou, the juniors European champion Anastassia Avramidou and Katerina Pasoglou and Evangelia Mastrakouli, both champions in Thessaloniki.

The event was organized by the Chess Union of Thessaloniki and Thessaloniki municipality.

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