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GRETA TALK: Garry Kasparov is warning the world about Putin | On The Record with Greta Van Susteren

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Garry Kasparov is an author, world’s greatest chess player, and as a Russian– he is not a fan of Vladimir Putin. He believes that Putin is “evil”, and discusses how he personally is a supporter of the democracy movement in his new book Winter is Coming:

“The stunning story of Russia’s slide back into a dictatorship—and how the West is now paying the price for allowing it to happen.”

In this edition of Greta Talk, Kasparov sat down with me to talk about the lack of strategy in US foreign policy, why we are the #1 target of Russian propaganda and why the America is facing so many threats today. Kasparov and I also lighten things up and chat about his love of chess and how starting to play at 6 years old helped him become the world champ!

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