Creating Perfect Flow in Supply Chains | Noodle.ai Fireside Chats | March 18, 2021


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“How can we get the most not just from AI, but also from the rapidly increasing number of people who work with it? That is the key: how to center people in the equation. Otherwise, we will fail at the one thing only humans can do: to set priorities to know what matters most; what counts! Artificial Intelligence, or augmented intelligence, as I strongly prefer to call it, is not independent of us. Like all of our technologies throughout history, AI is neither good nor evil. It is not a harbinger of utopia or dystopia. Instead, think of AI as a mirror, reflecting its creators, us. And since we cannot take our needs and biases out, we have to look at the big picture from the very start to make sure we’re moving in the right direction.”

“What interested me so much when I heard about Noodle.ai is the principle of using these incredible AI tools to solve problems that are damaging our quality of life, not just damaging the bottom line of our businesses. This is the positive future for AI, and of the human/machine relationship. It is a future of data crunching and pattern finding by machines. It is a future of creativity and strategic leadership by us, the humans. That is the future.”

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