“Deep Thinking” British tour | June, 2017


Garry Kasparov has left the building after a whirlwind UK tour

He did a string of brilliant media interviews (click on images for links) that included:

BBC Radio 4 Today

BBC Radio 2 Jeremy Vine – where he read an inspiring essay on what makes us human.

And beat Jeremy in under a minute at chess – Jeremy Vine called this interview ‘The highlight of my year’


He also made an appearance at Channel 4 News. 


He then was the star performer in a string of wonderful, inspiring and sold out events, including

–         A wonderfully memorable sold out event at Hay with Stephen Fry

–         A talk with Demis Hassabis at Google – their biggest ever UK event! Which saw them use 3 overflow rooms with TVs to accommodate the 500 Googlers (half of Google’s staff) who were desperate to see Garry talk

–         A superb book and ticket talk at the British Library

–         A wonderful finale at the Emmanuel Centre that was packed to the rafters





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