December 14th, 2015 12 AM - 12 AMLondon

Appearance at the prize giving ceremony at the London Chess Classic

The London Chess Classic is a chess festival held at the Olympia Conference Centre, West Kensington, London. The flagship event is a strong invitational tournament between some of the world’s top grandmasters. A number of subsidiary events cover a wide range of chess activities, including tournaments suitable for norm and title seekers, junior events, amateur competitions, simultaneous exhibitions, coaching, and lectures.

In April 2015, the London Chess Classic (LCC) was named as one of the three events that would comprise the inaugural Grand Chess Tour. By linking with Norway Chess and the Sinquefield Cup, a prestigious grand-prix style ‘tour’ was created that would play host to nine of the world’s elite players, as well as the wildcard nominee of each organizer. It was expected that future editions of the tour would be expanded to include other events that could meet the standard.

The LCC 2015 event will therefore feature the nine participating players of the 2015 Grand Chess Tour plus wildcard pick, Michael Adams.


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