May 25th, 2017 12 AM -
May 27th, 2017 12 AMVilinius, Lithuania

Forum Free Russia 2017

Forum Free Russia will take place in Vilnus, 
where the disucssion continue on topical issues of Russian and international politics, 
as well as scenarios of Russia's exit from the political, 
economic and civilizational crisis.

Forum Free Russia is a is a permanent platform, one of the main tasks of which is 
the formation of a smart alternative to Putin's regime, an alternative on the basis 
of which it is possible to build a new, European, Russia.

Traditionally, the forum will be held in an open format: Russian politicians and publicists, 
bloggers and journalists, civil activists and well-known international experts will 
take part in its work. Vladislav Inozemtsev, Arkady Babchenko, Garry Kasparov, Boris Reithshuster, 
Ilya Ponomarev, Yuri Felshtinsky, Alexander Morozov, Aider Muzhdabaev - this is the incomplete list of participants 
of the 3rd Forum.

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