September 2nd, 2018 12 AM - 12 AMBerlin

Key-note at the IFA+Summit Next Level Thinking

The IFA+ Summit is a key platform for leading thinkers, global trendsetters, and creative visionaries.

The convention showcases disruptive ideas, visions and forward thinking on the future of new, high-tech forms of connectivity and innovative business models. The two-day program is packed with over 50 speakers who draw their inspiration from various fields and share their thoughts on the upcoming decade with visitors to the events. In 2018 there are four subject clusters – Intelligence, Society, Interaction, and Experience – each featuring different technology-driven visions and perspectives.

The IFA+ Summit is host to more than 500 international guests, experts and leading edge professionals each year. Spend two inspiring and exciting days at the convention and meet scientists, artists, developers, researchers and digital pioneers within your field. Take the unique opportunity. Join one of the most valuable conferences of the year in one of the world’s most vibrant cities.

“The thing that makes IFA⁺ Summit a think tank is that it’s in no means just tech hype as you might expect at Europe’s biggest fair for consumer and home appliance electronics. What we really heard was a very reflective analysis what these trends mean in terms of positive development and also in risks and things we need to be aware of.”

Melinda Crane, IFA⁺ Summit Host

The IFA⁺ Summit in Berlin welcomes you to the NEXT LEVEL OF THINKING.


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