February 19th, 2016 12 AM - 12 AMIndia, New Delhi

Key-note address at ZindaDilli event in New Delhi

ZindaDilli is not just an event. It is a date with yourself.
If you are at the top of your game, how do you reinvent it?
If you’re not yet at the top of your game, how do you get there?
Can you change your game?
Can you be happy regardless of where you are on your game?

ZindaDilli is a celebration of the power of being alive. The power of every individual to reimagine, rethink and redefine reality. At Zinda Dilli, you will meet a cutting edge spectrum of people who will spark your brain, challenge your notions, invite you to look at the world through new windows. Have a change of heart. Rewire your mind.

ZindaDil – with its exuberant array of performers, musicians, and speakers draws its spirit from the city hosting it. Delhi.

Delhi is not just an eclectic mix of power, money and media. It is about the movement of people, about ancient histories and modern migrants. It is a city of song and ambition; culture and food; industry and intrigue; billionaires and beggars. Millions come here daily to reinvent their lives. To shake off the old and embrace the new. Delhi is not just a city therefore: it is a looking glass. A change agent.

ZindaDilli aims to be that too. Both the city and event are about the power of human possibility. The spark of new ideas. New paths. New action.


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