January 18th, 2020 12 AM -
January 20th, 2020 12 AM

Keynote at Digital Life Design Conference

Founded in 2005 as an intimate gathering of friends, DLD (Digital – Life – Design) has developed into Europe’s leading innovation conference for visionaries from around the globe.

Co-chairs Steffi Czerny and Yossi Vardi have created an interdisciplinary and internationally connected platform for people eager to change the world in the digital era. We take pride in connecting the unexpected, presenting insights from business and politics, science and art.

We aim to spark conversations that cross boundaries and bring participants together in a common search for answers to the most challenging questions that arise through digital change.

While DLD has evolved from a single event into series of conferences and events throughout the years, we make sure to always preserve the atmosphere of an intimate gathering of friends through a highly curated, “by invitation only” application process for attendees.

Our annual conference in Munich each January, shortly before the World Economic in Davos, is internationally renowned for attracting the best and the brightest in the world of digital.

Among speakers we have welcomed over the years were Mark Zuckerberg, Norman Foster, Arianna Huffington, Tony Fadell, Satya Nadella, Lady Gaga, Sheryl Sandberg, Jack Dorsey, Alanis Morrisette, Ai Wei Wei and many more. As a part of Hubert Burda Media, one Germany’s leading publishing houses, DLD typically attracts more than 200 journalists from leading media outlets such as The New York Times, Bloomberg, WIRED, The Economist, Financial Times, The Guardian, Fortune, The Wall Street Journal, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Focus, Spiegel, Sueddeutsche Zeitung and CNBC.

DLD is constantly expanding, hosting exciting events across the globe. To receive updates please sign up for our newsletter. Our conference page will give you an overview of all currently scheduled events and information on how to apply.

Thank you for your interest, we hope to see you soon!


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