November 28th, 2017 12 AM -
November 29th, 2017 12 AMBucharest, Romania

MAKING THE RIGHT MOVES | Strategic Thinking Conference | Bucharest



Garry Kasparov, considered the greatest chess player of all time, former world champion for 15 consecutive years and the youngest world champion in chess history, premieres in Bucharest on 28 November to participate in the Profit.ro conference ” MAKING THE RIGHT MOVE.” Garry Kasparov, he will reveal the secrets of strategic thinking in business, what impact will shortly have on people’s political decisions and how we need to use our technology to be successful in any field. He will also reveal what happened in legendary chess games with the IBM Deep Blue supercomputer, tracked by millions of people in real time.

To learn more please visit: http://evenimente.profit.ro/making-the-right-moves-i-a-strategic-thinking-conference-17224446


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Follow Garry's extraordinary path through years of relentless activism.

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