Fight for Liberty: Defending Democracy in the Age of Trump




Fight for Liberty is the first project of the Renew Democracy Initiative. RDI came into existence in early 2017 to defend the foundational values of freedom and liberal democracy and to combat the extremism and tribalism that makes debate impossible. This book is our attempt to create a teaching tool that advocates for the principles that made America the most successful nation in history as well as a model and beacon of hope for so long—a status that is very much at risk today.

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Fight for Liberty’s illustrious contributors and RDI’s long list of signatories hail from all parts of the globe and the ideological spectrum. What we all have in common is a firm belief that we must act now to preserve and promote the tradition of individual rights and rational debate over ideas. We are pushing back against the forces of extremism, authoritarianism, and demagoguery and igniting a passion for principles with intellectual firepower.


We are facing a crisis, as expertly diagnosed in this book. We can no longer afford to treat politics like the weather, discussing it but not doing anything about it. Complacency must end and the moderate majority must act to form an independent path forward to repair our broken institutions and inspire the next generation with shared positive goals, not fearmongering and hatred of the other side. This is your call to action!


Learn more about RDI (501c3 pending) and how you can be a part of this vital project at Renew-Democracy.org.


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