Garry Kasparov on Biden-Putin meeting: Biden ‘gave credibility’ of US to ‘brutal dictator’ | Fox News | June 16, 2021


By Fox News Staff

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Chairman of the Renewed Democracy Initiative Garry Kasparov told “Fox & Friends” on Wednesday that President Biden meeting with Vladimir Putin in Geneva implies that the United States is “giving credibility to a brutal dictator.”

GARRY KASPAROV: “Putin already got what he wanted – a summit. He might get even more, but the main exchange has already happened. Biden gave the credibility of the United States to a brutal dictator. And I heard a lot from those who defended the idea of the summit that Biden would go to Geneva to deliver a message, he’ll talk tough. …

But if Biden wanted to send a real message to Putin he would meet with Zelensky, the President of Ukraine, would go to Kiev, that’s a message… He would meet with Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya, the real President of Belarus living in exile, or he’d meet with the families of Putin victims like Alexei Navalny’s family and now he’s representing America and the free world and he gave Putin one of the greatest political triumphs.

Biden lifted sanctions on this pipeline, the Nord Stream 2 and why? To make friends with Germany? Isn’t Germany supposed to be an ally. At the end of the day, it’s about strategy and Biden hasn’t explained why this summit is good for the United States. And if your motives aren’t clear, people might think the worst. And sometimes they may be right.


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