Garry Kasparov Unveils Chess Esports Masterclasses For Future Stars | Forbes | October 19, 2021


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By Matt Gardner

Former world chess champion Garry Kasparov may have retired from competition over 15 years ago, but that’s not stopping him from his desire to help create the champions of tomorrow–and at a time when chess esports are bigger than ever.

Through his Kasparovchess platform–which Kasparov launched in April in conjunction with global media company Vivendi–the Russian grandmaster has announced an exclusive 55-part masterclass for his multimedia chess playing and content portal, adding to the puzzles, online matchmaking, news coverage, tutorials, articles, and documentaries already offered by the service.

Kasparov’s all-new masterclass video series is designed to showcase the grandmaster’s strategic approach, giving both beginners and experts a unique insight into his methods and ethos, so they can get what may be a whole new perspective on chess–and become esports’ future champions.

The timing of Kasparov’s latest business deal is understandable. As proved during 2020, chess has firmly established itself as one of the most lucrative esports markets. Current world champion Magnus Carlsen was 2020’s highest-paid esports player, and history could repeat itself in 2021, following his recent success in the Meltwater Champions Chess Tour.

“I am eager to show players that there is more to chess than only the moves you make. It is a way of life,” said Kasparov. “My masterclass will elevate a person’s game, but it will also help see the world from a different point of view.”

Louis Germain, CEO of Keysquare–the Vivendi subsidiary responsible for Kasparovchess–said: “His dedication to his craft and his desire to bring that to the next generation of players is infectious and can be felt throughout the entire masterclass series.

“It demonstrates passion and inspiration for all types of chess players so that they can build their legacy using the tools Garry Kasparov teaches.”

Of course, this latest addition to the platform comes at a price. While Kasparovchess offers a range of services from its base platform for free, players will have to spend $13.99 a month or $119.99 annually for access to the service.

As part of his record-breaking career, Kasparov became the youngest world chess champion in 1985, before retiring from playing the game competitively in 2005. While much of his recent work has focused on human rights, specifically in Russia, he recently returned to his most famous skill by becoming an advisor for “Queen’s Gambit,” a show about a chess prodigy that became Netflix’s most-watched scripted limited series to date.


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