The Strategic Advantage of Thinking Big


press-1839On October 2nd, 2015 Garry traveled to Helsinki, Finland to take part in Nordic Business Forum. He delivered two key-note addresses titled:

Morning session title: “New Challenges to the World Order”
Afternoon session title:  “The Strategic Advantage of Thinking Big”.

In personal remarks on the forum, Kasparov stated:

“In Helsinki to talk politics in the morning and business in the evening! In both cases, the theme was the big picture and how to solve problems by looking for larger frameworks. My last topic was culture, a framework higher than strategy. In particular, creating the culture of risk-taking that makes our greatest achievements possible. Amazing events here at the Nordic Business Forum (https://www.facebook.com/nbforum.fi), my highest compliments to the organizers and the audiences!”


André Assarsson | Miltton

There are only about 70 people on the entire planet with an IQ of 190. Garry Kasparov is one of them. The audience of Nordic Business Forum 2015 was spellbound today listening to his speech about strategy from a historical perspective, in different contexts and what we can learn from that in the future.

The main lesson to be learned was this: it’s all about taking risk and knowing your strengths. Perhaps this is more relevant now than ever. In an ever-changing complex world with digitalization we really can’t know the answers and that’s why we need to trust ourselves and our business ideas by keep on asking ourselves questions.

This has been a theme during the Nordic Business Forum 2015 among the speakers and maybe our Nordic culture will change into taking more risks in the future. What will happen if it doesn’t?

We will benefit more as a human race, as a company, as a family and as nation if we take more risks. History shows us this. But today we have created a culture of comfort and satisfaction. An environment of high risks enables high benefits and maybe we should stop pretending that a low risk environment is beneficial.



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