Kasparov in Kiev, Ukraine March 26th – 27th.


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On March 27th Garry Kasparov arrived in Kiev to present his new book “Trading in Fear”. The presentation and book signing took place on Kreshchatyk, with Garry officiating opening of the book store “Буква” by cutting the red line at the entrance. The line was formed well beyond the store’s premises, with attendees eager to have their copy signed and to hear one of the most famous Russian opposition leaders speak about Putin, Ukraine, Crimea and geopolitical poker match between the Russian dictator and his Western counterparts.

“Trading in Fear” itself is a collection of Kasparov’s articles from 2001 to 2015, warning about the rise of Russia’s autocratic leader from lieutenant-colonel of the former KGB to becoming one of the most dangerous dictators of modern times.

“The book is about my evaluation of Putin’s dictatorship, of his regime. Ukraine is the center of the struggle against the aggression of this regime, and that is why it is quite logical for me to present my book in Kiev today, the book which explains how this regime was shaping and growing; the regime which today threatens not just the citizens of the former Soviet Union,” – said Kasparov during the presentation of the book.

A day earlier Kasparov gave a lecture at the University of Taras Shevchenko, discussing current situation in Ukraine, Russia and the geopolitical implications of the conflict.

Photography is courtesy of media tabloid “Дуся”


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