Interview for Channel 4, UK Dec 8th, 2014


“Putin does not play chess. Putin plays poker, Putin plays games where he can bluff. Chess is a game with strict rules and open information. As a KGB operative, he prefers to play games where he can trick his opponents by his superior fighting skills. He can bluff with a pair of sixes and his opponents are folding their cards with a full house.”

Asked about the West’s response to Putin, Kasparov said: “He doesn’t believe them. They could be tough in speaking but he still believes that sanctions will not last.”

He added: “The problem for me is not that the Western leaders are not willing to impose new sanctions, the problem is they keep showing their weakness. When people ask ‘what do you want Western leaders to do first’, I can start telling them what they shouldn’t do: they should stop telling Putin what they will not do.

“I know that America or the UK are not going to send troops to Ukraine, but why say about it publicly? Why are you saying no boots on the ground? There are many other things ‘you are not going to do this’, yes, fine. Unlike a normal business negotiation, why are you saying this? If you have got a statement, even if it’s obvious, if it’s still being said it’s a sign of weakness.”

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