Should NATO Admit Ukraine? | Open to Debate | August 4, 2023


This article is a reprint. You can watch the full debate below or at Open to Debate.

Currently, NATO has 31 member countries and there are four countries that have declared their desire to join the alliance, which includes Ukraine. Over the years, Ukraine has sought to move away from Russia’s sphere of influence and align itself more closely with the West. Since the beginning of the Russian invasion, a record 82% of Ukrainians support joining the alliance. Ukraine formally announced a bid for fast-track membership in September 2022. Those who argue “yes” say admitting Ukraine would protect the country from further aggression, affirm its sovereignty, and solidify its alignment with the West and the rest of Europe. Those who argue “no” worry that doing so would provoke Putin and escalate the conflict, destabilizing the region, and that Ukraine doesn’t yet meet NATO’s standards regarding military capability, political stability, and commitment to democratic values.

Against this backdrop, we debate the question: Should NATO Admit Ukraine?”


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