Daria Tarasova – Principal, Event Management

Daria was born and raised in Saint Petersburg, Russia. She received a Master’s degree in Economics with honors from Saint Petersburg University and exited her second degree in Philosophy to focus on developing her own retail business in Russia, while exploring her interest in television journalism and working as a TV presenter at the University Channel. Daria traveled to the US in 2003 for the first time to work as an intern at the US-Russia Business Council in Washington DC. In 2009, she started Kasparov International Management Inc. and relocated to New York City.





MigMig Greengard – Spokesman and Senior Advisor to Garry Kasparov

Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, Mig studied computer science and literature before moving to Mexico. He taught English at the University of Guadalajara from 1991-92 before moving to Buenos Aires, Argentina. There he started a technical consulting company, designing enterprise network systems and web solutions. Mig also joined the vibrant porteño chess scene and started a popular chess column at The Week In Chess website. In 1998, he met Garry Kasparov in Buenos Aires, where they discussed the bright potential of chess on the internet. The following year Mig joined the Kasparov Chess Online startup as VP of Content and editor-in-chief, a role that brought him first to Israel and then to New York City in 2000. Mig continued to work with Kasparov on articles and speeches after the website’s demise in 2003, as well as doing web design consulting and independent chess writing at his Daily Dirt blog. When Kasparov retired from professional chess in 2005 to join the Russian pro-democracy movement against Vladimir Putin, Mig joined him full time as an advisor, speechwriter, and spokesman. In 2006, he collaborated with Kasparov on the book, “How Life Imitates Chess,” published in over 20 languages. Mig lives in Brooklyn with his family and tweets on Russia, human rights, and chess @chessninja.


1052817_1379315142285722_1575542158_oSergey Risko – Public Relations Director 

Born in Odessa, Ukraine Sergey immigrated to the US in 1994 with his family. In 2001 he graduated NYU with Political Science Degree and is Garry Kasparov’s Public Relations Director working in New York. Fluent in English and Russian he worked in various industries from legal to finance before joining Team Kasparov in 2013. His interests include politics, philosophy, and international relations.






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