The Global Hack: Garry Kasparov answering your questions | April 9, 2020


What is The Global Hack
👉 What? The Global Hack,
an online hackathon to find solutions for the #coronacrisis and build a better future!
🏆 A prize pool of 120,000+ EUR for the winning ideas.

👀 For whom? Brilliant people from every corner of the globe.
Calling all field experts, scientists, business leaders, innovators, marketers, project managers, tech enthusiasts & sceptics alike – motivated people who want to help!
Participation is for FREE!

👨🏻‍🚀 How?
1. Share ideas, discuss and find teammates on Slack 👉 theglobalhack.com/slack 👈
2. Register your team on Devpost: theglobalhack.devpost.com
2.2 How to use Devpost? 🔎 bit.ly/theglobalhackdevpost
3. Start hacking!

🚀 We bring together world-class leaders from Silicon Valley and beyond, connect you to representatives from the United Nations, European Commission and New America to build your idea to tackle the crisis with the greatest scope.

⏰ Timeline:
👉 NOW: Discussions happening, finding teammates on Slack theglobalhack.com/slack 👈
👉 NOW: Register your team on Devpost: theglobalhack.devpost.com (Deadline 9 April 13:00 UTC)
9-11 April Hackathon
12 April Demos & Awards

🌍 Why? We live in the middle of an unheard crisis – a situation that is new to all of us. There’s an immense need to battle problems caused by the immediate emergency while also looking two steps ahead – how will we deal with the expected massive changes to our economy, workplaces, healthcare and environment as we find our world order transformed—perhaps, beyond recognition?

That’s why we are organising The Global Hack – we want to help you to help!

We all have found ourselves in a unique situation, where we are – quite literally – all in this together. The entire world is looking for solutions to the same looming problems at the same time and if we move fast enough, the global hack could have a social and economical impact beyond our imagination. Join us to make it into a reality!

⭐ How can you join the movement?

💡 Post your ideas and join discussions on Slack: theglobalhack.com/slack
🐦 Or just Tweet problems that need solutions @theglobalhack
🔎 Need inspiration? theglobalhack.com


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