“Ukraine Must Not Compromise | Swiss Economic Forum | June 8, 2023


This article is a reprint. You can read more and watch my talk at the Swiss Economic Forum.

“Garry Kasparov came to international fame in 1985 when he became the youngest world chess champion in history at the age of 22. His famous matches against the IBM super-computer Deep Blue in 1996-97 were key to bringing artificial intelligence, and chess, into the mainstream. The passion for new tech led to his interest in cryptocurrencies and his launch of a groundbreaking autobiographical NFT series in 2021. The former world chess champion is involved in various foundations and frequently speaks to business audiences around the world on strategy, decision-making, politics and artificial intelligence. He has been a regular contributor to many major publications, including The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post and CNN, and he is the author of several highly acclaimed and prescient books such as “Winter Is Coming: Why Vladimir Putin and the Enemies of the Free World Must Be Stopped.”


«The only way for Ukraine to end this war is to win it, » said Garry Kasparov on the SEF stage. Because pure evil is at work on the Russian side, said the former world chess champion and exiled Russian with a Croatian passport. Every day, Russian propaganda repeats the lie that Ukraine never existed and must be brought back to Russia, Kasparov said. Therefore, no compromises should be made. However, the chairman of the Human Rights Foundation still hopes and believes that regime change and free elections are in Russia.

Regarding artificial intelligence, Kasparov, who in 1997 became the first reigning world chess champion to be defeated by the IBM supercomputer Deep Blue, says that it can and will support us in very many areas. «But at the end of the day, every problem is still solved by humans. Machines can just do it faster and with fewer errors if you show them how. »


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