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Kasparov on TheBlaze NY with Buck Sexton

February 16th, 2016

Garry’s appearance on Blaze TV with Buck Sexton. Discussion touched upon Putin’s agenda in Syria, US foreign policy in the Middle East and general trends of Russia’s involvement in Europe and the world.

Garry Kasparov on Putin, US Foreign Policy and US Presidential Elections | @Cavuto Feb 16th, 2016

by Matthew Kazin | Published February 16, 2016

During an interview on FOX Business Network’s Cavuto: Coast to Coast, former world chess champion Garry Kasparov compared politics today to the classic, strategic game.

“In chess you know exactly what your opponent has,” Kasparov said. “It’s a 100% transparent game. You don’t know about his or her thoughts, but you know exactly what kind of resources can be used against you.”

Kasparov said he isn’t sure which GOP candidate he thinks could best deal with Vladimir Putin.

“Unfortunately, in these current elections-looking at both sides- I have to use a default option,” he said. “I hear so many statements that, in my view, are counter-productive… you cannot have America first unless you have a global vision.”

When asked by Neil Cavuto who he believes would be the least-offensive candidates, Kasparov said: “Marco Rubio for foreign policy and John Kasich.”

Kasparov also had something to say about Donald Trump.

“He’s Putin’s fan. America needs a president who believes in something… Trump’s instinct is to make a deal; that’s what Putin needs.”

Soros on Putin

This is a good op-ed by George Soros, whose reputation as a boogieman among some American conservatives interests me far less than his much more deserved fearful reputation among dictators in the former Soviet Union. He pressed for individual freedom across the former Soviet Bloc and his Open Society Foundations continue this work. I must tweak Soros a little, however, as I have been writing nearly identical phrases myself for quite a while. Of course, it is the goal of any op-ed writer to spread his views, so I should be flattered and not complain!

Soros repeats key points I have long been making about Putin: that he is an opportunistic tactician and not a strategist, jumping around causing trouble but digging himself in deeper; that he is far more dangerous to the free world than terrorists like ISIS because he is targeting the structural unity of the EU and other stabilizing institutions; that he is using his intervention in Syria to create more refugees to weaken the EU.

Soros’s article concludes with a theme I have used regularly, that the value of human life is what separates the free world from the dictators and terrorists, and that they will use this against us. The final line also restates what I have been saying about Putin for nearly a decade: that while stopping him may be difficult now, it will only get harder tomorrow.


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