Apr 1963

April 1963

On April 13th, 1963 Garry Kasparov was born Garik Kimovich Weinstein (Russian: Гарик Вайнштейн). He… Read More

    Jan 1976

January 1976

Age 12 in January, Kasparov wins Soviet Junior Championship and repeats one year later.

    Apr 1980

April 1980

From the age of 12 Garry Kasparov was setting new standards. After becoming the youngest player to… Read More

    Sep 1984

September 1984

After defeating Beliavsky, Korchnoi, and Smyslov in the candidates matches, Kasparov earned the right to… Read More

    Sep 1985

September 1985

After Campomanes aborted the first match, a rematch between Garry Kasparov and Anatoly Karpov was due to be played… Read More

    Oct 1986

October 1986

Due to the rematch clause of the 1985 match, Garry Kasparov was forced to defend his title… Read More

    Dec 1987

December 1987

In 1987, the candidates cycle format was changed for the first time since 1965. A… Read More

    Dec 1990

December 1990

The 1990 WCC match between Garry Kasparov and Anatoly Karpov was held from October 8 to December 30. The… Read More

    Nov 1993

November 1993

Nigel Short began his chess career as a bona fide prodigy. He defeated Korchnoi in a simul at the age… Read More

    Sep 1995

September 1995

Kasparov vs Anand, 1995 New York City Although stripped of his title by FIDE for… Read More

    Feb 1996

February 1996

Deep Blue versus Garry Kasparov was a pair of famous six-game human–computer chess matches, in the format… Read More

    Oct 2000

October 2000

Kasparov vs Kramnik, 2000 London, England Although Garry Kasparov was not recognized as champion by FIDE, the… Read More

    Sep 2006

September 2006

Started The Other Russia Opposition.   

    Sep 2011

September 2011

Founded by World Chess Champion Garry Kasparov and Jan Callewaert, driving force behind the European… Read More

    Mar 2012

March 2012

The Kasparov Chess Foundation Africa was officially launched in March 2012 as a public benefit… Read More

    Aug 2012

August 2012

Chairman of the Human Rights Foundation In 2012, Kasparov was named chairman of the New York-based… Read More

    Oct 2013

October 2013

Named Senior Visiting Fellow, Oxford Martin School Human + Machine: Intuition and Calculation in a New… Read More

    Nov 2013

November 2013

KASPAROV CHESS FOUNDATION ASIA & PACIFIC Kasparov Chess Foundation Asia-Pacific Pte Ltd (KCFAP) was incorporated… Read More

    May 2015

May 2015

Garry Kasparov, a world champion chess player who has also led the battle for democracy… Read More

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November 18

Fascinating from @NoelSharkey, who invited me to join him at @RespRobotics, where I've greatly furthered my educati… https://t.co/9BGStfCi4p

November 18

Not so sure about anyone welcoming criticism! But as I pointed out during the 2016 campaign, Trump's rhetorical mod… https://t.co/8yhoOz1Erp

November 18

Good prediction, especially for Twitter! https://t.co/4qZmJz4O35

November 18

RT @StevenLHall1: After massive cheating in the Sochi Olympics, Russia gets to host the World Cup. After ignoring rule of law inside Russi…

November 18

Yes, although to his credit, Maher does a far better job of admitting his errors than most in the media or politics… https://t.co/9uYdbTCHqo

November 18

RT @FastChess: Headlines: Garry Kasparov on Bill Maher: On Friday American comedian, talk show host and political agitator had, for the thi…

November 18

RT @jampolenta73: Overtime - Episode #480: Eric Swalwell, Garry Kasparov, Van Jones, Steve Schmidt, Nancy MacLean #realTimeWithBillMaher

November 17

It's quite touching how loyal Trump is to his former staff... https://t.co/AawDApJW1t

November 17

RT @melissakchan: Reading @noahbarkin's interview with ex-chancellor Schroeder. His take on China not a surprise given his take on Russia.…

November 17

RT @feeman: Gr8 quote by @Kasparov63 about power of tech companies like @facebook & @amazon:"Technology is agnostic. It's about people.Huma…

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